What's new at Brooklyn Dog Walk?!?

Nancy Soyer

DOGSCAPES , a book of superb color photographs by painter ( and dog walker ) Nancy Soyer  is the work of a master portrait maker. The wild, untethered play of New York City dogs is set against Bresson-like landscapes. We see dogs tearing across beaches on Long Island Sound, lounging in the chic interior of an upstate farmhouse, or leashed on the brick and concrete platforms of Brooklyn stoops. These are no ordinary photographs; they are magnificent studies of color and rhythm, pattern and texture, where dogs of every kind, size, and personality abound. With every page in this stunning new book, another story unfolds with dogs as the narrator.

Ambassador Richard Viets (Retd.)

DOGSCAPES is the most beautiful/moving book! Can't quite figure out why it made me cry- smile too, of course, but the photography is amazing & you just feel the spirits of those precious beings! I can't thank you enough.
Kit Hoey
Got it! And it's WONDERFUL!! So beautiful. I think it might become my new mindfulness exercise. Tnx!
Arthur Schurr
What an achievement and what a body of work. I liked that you opened up your dog world to share it
Jen Ozerow
These are gorgeous Nancy, really beautiful work!
Sarah B-Z
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