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THANK YOU for loving Weetzie so much and being so good to her and for being in my life for these years- you were such an added bonus: a brilliant, talented, preternaturally kind person who came into our lives out of nowhere.—  Kim France


 Nancy- We just wanted you to know that Alaska has seemed very happy lately, and we’re sure that his love for his dog walker is part of his happiness. Thanks.— J &J


We have a very high energy GSP puppy, so Nancy has been an absolute godsend. Sharing her passion, experience, and expertise, she’s advised us so well in this past year. I had initially arranged for solo walks with a member of Nancy’s team (Hadley, also fantastic!) until Petra was caught up on her puppy shots, but after that (and in spite of my initial trepidation) Nancy gently encouraged us to have Petra join her pack walks, knowing that she would benefit from the energy and social stimulation of a larger group. I trusted Nancy’s instinct and she was absolutely correct: Petra cherishes her long walks with the pack. In addition, because of our puppy’s high energy level, I appreciate that Nancy often extends the time of the pack walks, to give the dogs ample time to play and socialize.
My boyfriend freelances and often has last-minute changes in his work schedule, and it has been such a relief to be able to reach out to Nancy the night before an unexpected work assignment to ask if Petra can join the group walk the next day. She is always accommodating, reliable, and has a detailed plan of contacts in the event that she is unavailable (which is rare). Nancy is also super-observant and communicative about the day’s events and details. I cannot say enough about her; I’m always eager to share with people we meet at neighborhood dog runs that I have a fantastic dog walker if someone needs one! I am so appreciative that Nancy has formed such a loving bond with our puppy and feel secure with Petra in Nancy’s care.  —Tori G.


Nancy Soyer has been our dog walker for the past five years.  In those five years Nancy has become an integral part of our dogs’ lives and our family’s life.  Nancy does so much more than simply walk our dogs; the cries of joy they let out when they sense her arrival are intense.  Over the years Nancy has called when she has found ticks on the dogs (and removed them) and when the dogs’ digestive systems are off.  Mostly, though, she is their best friend or, maybe, favorite aunt.— Candace D.


Bisou and I are very fortunate to have Nancy in our lives.  Bisou is in good loving hands with Nancy when she walks him as well as when she boards him for the weekend or for three weeks while we are away.  She truly loves what she does and truly loves my dog.  —Lisa Mendoza


When Nancy comes to collect my dog for his walk, he leaves the house with a big grin on his face, wagging his tail, bounding down the stairs.  When he returns he is happy and tired and ready to nap.  Nancy is warm and tender with her charges, she is fun and friendly, reliable and trustworthy and takes really good care of my dog.  I highly recommend Nancy as a dog walker, she is the best.—Carol Towey

Stoop sit with Petra 3

Nancy has been our dog walker for several years. We trust her completely. Our dog is always safe, happy and healthy in her company!— Beth K.


Nancy has walked my two dogs for over eight years.  I know that she does more than just walk Norman and Hazel; she actually cares about them.  And Norman and Hazel respond in kind toward her.—Les Hayden


Nancy has been walking Coleman for 4 years now… She is reliable, trustworthy, energetic, caring and wonderful with him. She is thoughtful about walking Coleman with other dogs she knows he gets along with and he always comes home happy and tired after a nice long walk.—Karly Backer


Nancy is very responsible and always watchful when the dogs are on walks with her.  She’s a true animal lover, and our two dogs are thrilled whenever she comes to the door.  I can always feel secure knowing that she’s looking after them during the day.—C. Amrute

Nancy Soyer has been walking dogs in Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Bococa & Gowanus, Park Slope & Brooklyn Heights since 1998.


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