Dane Terry’s Testimonial

As an artist living in New York, I’ve worked many horrible service jobs and have seen first-hand the direct effect employee satisfaction has on quality of service.  When employees are underpaid and disrespected, they cut every possible corner and are generally resentful of customers.  

Becoming a walker with Brooklyn Dog Walk was the first time I worked with a company that respected me, my time and paid me a living wage.  As a BDW walker I was able to make enough money to live a happy, stable life in New York City and still devote time and energy to making art. That work and the living it provided me made me fiercely loyal and invested in the success of the company.  All of this significantly affected the care I was able to give my dogs.  I saw the same dogs week in and week out and I was able to see a smaller number of dogs a day because of the reasonable way in which I was paid, i.e. per walk instead of the low hourly rates other companies offer. This allowed the dogs to get to know me, and allowed me to give them more care and attention.

I left BDW only because I was able, happily, to make a living playing music. I cannot recommend Brooklyn Dog Walk highly enough –  there are the other sleek, new companies with fancy apps and hip names. But your dog is a member of your family, not takeout.